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Once you get there, open fire as you head at them (if riding a cycle) and/or by them (in a car), and hop out after passing them.

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The only real difficulty here is the cars health - if you drive too slowly, you will lose the car.

When they're gone, you'll be 'rewarded' with a two-star rating, and have to get to a pay-n-spray. Head there, get your free re-spray, and head back to the hood.

Turn around, head down the alley, and just run them over. Drive down to the park path, and just run the group over, making multiple runs if necessary.

******************************************************************************* Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 100% Completion and Strategy FAQ/Walkthrough Written by Chi Town Blues Fan Version 2.01 Revision History 2.02 05/11/05 - FINAL PS/2 VERSION Updated and modified FAQ section Modified BMX Challange Modified Taxi Driver Updated Paramedic Updated High Stakes, Low Rider Updated Chilliad Challange Updated Tanker Commander, Mission 3 Updated Mike Toreno's Last Flight Updated Supply Lines Modified The Da Nang Thang Modified and Updated Driving School Updated Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 3 Updated Dating Barbara Modified Freight Train Updated Trucking, Part 2, missions 6 and 8 Modified and Updated Race Tournaments Updated Gang Wars, Return to Los Santos Modified Saint Mark's Bistro 2.01 01/04/05 Added Special Thanks Updated FAQ section Updated Ice Cold Killa Updated Dating Denise Updated Interdiction Updated Amphibious Assault Updated Vigilante 2.00 12/10/04 Added Purchasing Property (Badlands) Section Added Purchasing Property (San Fiero) Section Added Purchasing Property (Desert) Section Added Purchasing Property (Los Venturas) Section Added to FAQ section Added to Fixes I'd Like To See NEW== Added Checklist *with* percentages Updated Local Liquor Store Updated San Fiero Unique Jumps Updated Las Venturas Unique Jumps Checklist Updated Mike Toreno Updated Mountain Cloud Boys Updated Lure Updated The Da Nang Thang Updated Quarry Mission 5 Updated Ammunation Shooting Range, Part 3 1.52 12/01/04 Added Purchasing Property (Los Santos) Section Updated Drive-By Updated Home Invasion Changed switched-up names of Dirt Track and Kickstart Updated Ammunation Shooting Range (Los Santos) Updated Badlands Intro 1.51 11/29/04 Added FAQ section Revised Los Santos Unique Jumps Revised Home Invasion Revised Los Santos Gang Wars 1.50 11/22/04 Added Return To Los Santos Section Added Conclusion Section Added Lowrider Challange to Los Santos section First version to - hopefully - be accepted at Game FAQs. Now, head over to the indicator on the map at Unity Station to get involved in a 'bouncing' competition. High Stakes, Low Rider Starring Point: Cesar's House Difficulty: 4/10 Get your car from the garage, and head down the street to Cesar's place. The best place to use it is once you're on the main four-lane street.

I realize the first version wasn't 100% done, but I've seen walkthrus posted only partially complete, so why mine was singled out for not being so... This is a mission where you bounce your car in time to the music using the right analog stick. There's a long straightaway there, followed by another long one after a right turn.

1.40 - 11/21/04 Added Las Venturas Section 1.30 - 11/19/04 Added Desert Section 1.20 - 11/18/04 Added San Fiero section. Updated Green Sabre - no real need to get camera at this point. Covers Beginning of game through Los Santos ******************************************************************************* Table of Contents I. Simply point the stick in the direction the arrow indicates as it crosses the circle at the bottom of the screen. Once the Nitrous runs out, you should be at the point where your making a lot of consecutive turns anyway.

Get any mods you want, but make sure to get a Nitrous upgrade - you'll see why later. This is why you bought the Nitrous upgrade last mission.

After being given your new car, back it into the garage.

This mission might be a little harder, except the cars chasing me gave up after I crossed the bridge nearest the house. Cesar Vialpando Starting Point: Sweet's House Difficulty: 2/10 Hop in a car, and head to the garage indicated on the map.

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