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This is why bruisers get these items and that's how they become the best duelists.Everyone should build balanced as long as the stats fit their role ( has super long range so he should build more damage and should build more tanky because he is a pure melee). He can easily disrupt enemy positioning so it is less likely for the scattered enemy team to focus fire on Singed.Moreover, he doesn't always need to be in melee range for the poison to do damage and he is also versatile. In team fights, soak up some damage while you dish out tons of damage!

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For this reason, you must be prepared for random ganks and push minions before recalling to obtain as much experience as possible. By using your poison to force an enemy champion away, you can safely last hit minions.

Play aggressively if your enemy champion is coming for the low hp minion that is further behind your minion wave.

There is no champion that can fight back against your minions, poison, and auto attacks combined.

In my Opinion, Singed is at his Strongest at level 2.

Singed can leash a strong nuke combo with Fling and Poison Trail, followed by Sky Auto Attack to severely damage his enemy. At this stage, I'm usually out of HP Potions, low on mana, and can afford an item.

After that, Singed can either decide to flee in order to avoid his enemy's retaliation or to continue attacking the target to bring his enemy's life even lower. Because I do not wish to overextend and risk of being ganked, I immediately push my lane with my remaining Mana and go back to my base at level 6, I try to play very aggressively in my lane.

Because it has 25s duration, I try to use it early to make the most out of it and force some fights while I have the advantage.

Once the effect wears off, I usually push the lane and return to base so that I don't have to be fighting while my Insanity Potion is on Cool Down.

I finally spend 1 point on Mega Adhesive at level 8.

The reason is that now I have greater mana pool to afford another ability without going out of Mana too fast.

The slow percentage is still quite low, so try to not to use it unless if you are desperately need it Participate in Dragon and Buff fights, ganks and tower hunting.

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