A researcher who uses carbon dating on ancient times

At some point after it was found it was taken to the Museum of Natural Sciences of Vienna, Austria, and reportedly studied by Dr. First, There is no account or record of the Genetic Disk ever being discovered. However, other than repeating the same shoddy details, they mainly just marvel over how cool the carvings are on the Disk and how they clearly show “the process of life” including two naked individuals, images of sperm, fertilized eggs, embryos, and some other random squiggles.

A researcher who uses carbon dating on ancient times

They were just as capable at carving delicate materials as they were crafting stone tools.

Now, that’s not saying I believe that the Genetic Disk is made out of any of these materials.

There is nothing supporting the descriptions of the Disk. Hammer is a Mineralogist, not a Geologist as some sites (myself included, sorry.) have said.

NOTE: In an earlier version of this post I mentioned that I had been unsuccessful at contacting Dr. I will note the areas that have been changed with an UPDATED tag. Hammer and to Edward Habsburg (@ The red flags on this one just fly through the air.

Also, I’ve learned a bit about mineralogy and the differences between chert and schits and so have changed parts of the post due to this new information.

After this post was published, and through the wonders of twitter, I was able to get in contact with her and she gave me some great insights into her involvement with the disk.Just about nothing about this “artifact” makes sense.Honestly, it’s a little hard to know where to start here with this one. The disk is said to be made out of lydite and measures 22 cm in diameter and weighs 2 Kg.It’s apparently solid black in color and shaped like a Bi Disk.It’s carved on both faces, and has random images carved on it depicting what some are calling “the cycle of life.” I can’t find any official origin story for the disk. She somehow managed to date the stone and apparently assigned it to the Pre-Columbian Muisca-culture. Gutierrez-Lega even know he’s associated with the Disk or is he a convenient target for the conspiratorial minded?What I can cobble together from the websites that focus on the disk is only that it was found somewhere in Columbia by a gentleman named Jaime Gutierrez-Lega, who is a well known industrial designer in Columbia. Now, lets really begin to break this one down, because I’m rather surprised this one fools anyone once you really start to look at it. What I have been able to cobble together about the Genetic Disk I’ve found on a variety of personal blogs, that I will list in the resources below.

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