Abstinence dating

Abstinence simply means saying “NO.” It means avoiding certain things, whether that is meat on Friday, chocolate before dinner, or sex before marriage. ”— for a variety of different reasons, in regard to a many different issues. Those that encourage abstinence are doing so because they believe there is a spiritual, eternal, or even delayed reward in withholding oneself from a particular action at the present. Mom encourages the child to only have one or two now, because later, there will be more to enjoy.

Within the boundaries of chastity, one can be sexually active.

Chastity is the virtue of understanding and respecting sex to such a great degree that one keeps it in the appropriate time and place (marriage).

Every man, woman, and child in the world can be living chastity—priests, religious brothers and sisters, single people, married couples, and teenagers. It means that you understand the power of sex enough to keep it in marriage.

This one is pretty simple—abstinence is exactly what it sounds like: waiting to have sex.

That may mean until you’re married or until you’ve found the right person or because you did it before but don't want to now.

No matter what you're reasons, abstinence is choosing not to have intercourse.

Note: When we talk about effectiveness we mean typical use numbers or what happens when couples used this method of birth control prettywell; it accounts for human errors and occasional contraceptive failure.

BUT, teenagers are often not as careful as older people in using these methods, so real typical use rates for teens may be a little worse than what you see here.

Keep that in mind as you're looking at the options and remember that for birth control to be effective, you have to use it consistently and correctly every single time.

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