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In April of 1996, Lance Herndon, 41, stood beneath a magnificent Baccarat crystal chandelier and greeted his guests, among them the mayor and the district attorney of Atlanta.

He was celebrating his forty-first birthday with the creme de la creme of Atlanta's Black elite.

Four months later, he'd be dead--viciously bludgeoned in his sleep.

When he failed to show up for work one day, friends and family started to worry.

Their concern soon turned to horror when he was found murdered in his own home, in what appeared to be either an act of jealousy-fueled rage or a seedier sex crime.

At the time of his death, One woman is now serving 10 years for killing him-as he slept after they had sex: Dionne Baugh (pictured above), a hot headed Jamaican immigrant, was enraged that Herndon wasn't planning to appear in court to ask for charges against her to be dismissed in an earlier trespassing charge at his home.On August 5, 2000, a 31-year-old homeless crack addict (pictured above) admitted to strangling five Brooklyn women, adding that images of his mother clouded his mind as he committed the murders.He killed all of his victims on Thursday because it was his mother’s only off day and he didn’t think she deserved to be off-therefore he hated Thursdays.Johnson still hasn't admitting killing Katrina Niles, the sixth woman whom cops believe was part of Johnson's alleged year-long strangulation spree.To date he has been charged with five murders and could face the death penalty.All six victims had arrest records for prostitution or drug-related offenses and all were found nude or partly clothed.

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