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There are a few parameters that identify the language to display the results in.

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These are ISO 639-1 Values for language, and an optional country code (ISO 3166-1). It is assumed that this may represent the same value, but only provides the language code without the country code. q=hippo&hl=en At the moment, it appears that there are two fields that deal with output.

The first "output" is probably telling the search appliance to return xml formatted data.

The "client" parameter is then transforming the results into a different format.

Linden Lab uses a Google Search Appliance to index web pages created at 3AM and 3PM each day and hosted on a separate web server. They have the potential to show results based on your current location, (such as displaying nearby snapshots on Snapzilla). A binary parameter "mat" may be specified to what mature content. To allow mature content, you add "2" meaning "Matrue".

It can take up to three days for results to actually get indexed, but it is often just one day. To allow adult content, you add "4" meaning "Adult".

User the following URLs: Each query will return 10 results at the most. This is a zero-based index identifying what record to start with. q= [search for something here] &start= [(page - 1) * 10] Page 1 By default, the Search API blocks mature content in its results.

q=hippo&start=990 Note Any results after page 100 will return an error message similar to the following: When searching from the viewer, the location of the avatar is passed along to the Search API. The coordinates do not appear to have any effect on the search results. q=hippo®ion=Here&x=128&y=128&z=36 By default, the Search API blocks mature content in its results.

A parameter "m" may be specified to allow or block mature content.

To allow mature content, the value should be "y" meaning "Yes". In addition, you can still filter out mature results by appending a flag to the query "+-SLS_MATURE".

Note: %20 represents a URL Encoded space To limit the results to specific categories, the "s" parameter is used.

This value defaults to "All", but can also be set to one of the following: All, Events, Groups, People, Places, Wiki.

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