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"Devotees of John Paul can apply via e-mail, fax or post for fragments of a white cassock to augment their prayers.A cassock worn by John Paul has reportedly been cut into 100,000 pieces to satisfy demand.

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But the scheme has caused disquiet in the Vatican, which is anxious to discourage the veneration of relics, seen as a medieval practice with no place in the modern church.

“Wars were fought over the hunt for relics in the Middle Ages,” said Bishop Velasio De Paolis, secretary of the Apostolic Signature, the Vatican’s top judicial body.

Condemnation of the sale of relics – or simony – was one of the causes of the Reformation in the 16th century, together with usury and the sale of indulgences. “No-one can say whether venerating relics aids prayer, it depends on the faith of the believer”, Bishop De Paolis told La Stampa.

Pulpit Robes, Ministers Robes, Cassocks Robes, Of All Kind. Clergy Robes, Cassocks Robes Choir Gowns, Choir Uniforms, School Graduation Gowns, Prayer Gowns, All Liturgical Vestments, Religious Garments, Religious Attire, Clergy Stoles, Doctoral Robes, Evangelist Robes, Childrens Choir Robes, Sold In All Cities. All Choir Stoles, Overlay Panels Custom Made, And Sold At A Lower Price / Higher Quality. It denotes a garland about the head, yet by extension means any covering, and is also used in the sense of adornment. As the last section of this article I will cover jewelry.

Choir Robes Too, Custom Made, Sold, All To Fit You. These Robes Can Be Worn With Complete Confidence We Build All Church Robes At Lower Prices And Excellent Quality, No Matter Your Size, Location, Or " Finally, concerning apparel made of fabric, turbans or caps were worn on the head. In the beautifully poetic verse of Isaiah 61:3 pe'er is also used in the sense of beauty. The entire second half of Isaiah 3 (as referenced several times above for clothing) could warrant its own article on the vast amount of clothing and jewelry mentioned for wealthy women, but I will only mention a few of them below.

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Linen headdresses, twisted as turbans were common for men (pe'er, livyah), wealthy women (pe'er), bridegrooms (pe'er), and priests (migba'ah) (Ex. “Give unto them beauty (pe'er) for ashes…” Two other words karbela (Dan ) and tabuwl (Ezekiel ) denote a turban but are only used once in the Bible each. It is probably the longest list of apparel that we have (though it is connected with only women) in the Bible, though I will reference other verses for those articles of jewelry not included in the Isaiah 3 list.

First, a kuwmaz, which that was worn by Hebrew women, seems to denote any form of necklace or bracelet, perhaps formed together with beads (Numbers , Exodus ).

Another type of general necklace was rabiyd used of the necklace given to Joseph.

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