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Damn easy to edit my profile, with video/photo upload options as well as a simple inbox for my messages to and from girls.

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Two were After following this adult dating site guide to the letter, I started putting every tip into action and was just amazed by the results I was getting.

I’d uploaded some shots to my profile, filled in the about me section and started contacting girls who I thought were cute.

The search functionality was awesome, very simple to use and had a ton of chicks I would love to bang, so happy with that.

I spent probably 30 minutes or so contacting around 6 girls, all custom witty messages (as recommended by the guide) and just waited for a bit to see if any of them would respond as it said they were all online.

Within just 2 hours I had 2 chicks email me back and 1 email me without me having to contact her first, from that point on I knew I was onto a winner.

I spent another hour just emailing them back and forth through the Just Hookup inbox and then got one of them (smoking hot chick called Lara) onto Skype.I called her and we spoke for 40 minutes so that we could get comfortable with each other (she kept saying she wanted to check that I wasn’t a weirdo, which was fine by me).Before the call ended I said that we should meet up this Friday (it was Thursday at the time) which she agreed to :) So I was eager to meet with this girl as she looked and sounded great on Skype, super hot, very quick witted and just really sexy.She was a 22 year old Brazilian living in London for 6 months and was very sexual, but didn’t know how to approach British guys without scaring them off.I met with her outside Charing Cross station in central London and we went to a nearby bar for a few drinks to loosen up.She look SOOOO hot I was finding it hard to look at her in the eyes to be honest. She said “yes” straight away with a cute/shy smile and we did just that.

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