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Poldark hunk Aidan Turner’s long-term girlfriend has issued a firm hands-off-he’s-mine warning to his legion of new fans.The 31-year-old Dublin actor set millions of female hearts fluttering with his smouldering performance as Ross Poldark - a man torn between two women - in BBC 1’s hit costume drama.

The actress, who divides her time between Dublin, London and New York - where she is currently in a Broadway play - also guards her privacy and private life jealously.

And she isn’t afraid of confronting anyone who is “rude enough” to invade her - or Aidan’s - personal space. “I have a private life and I want that to be private.

She revealed: “My boyfriend was on the Tube and people started taking pictures of him asleep. The odd time in New York you find people taking pictures of you.

It’s really rude.” Friends of the stunning brunette, soon to be seen in Sky Atlantic’s gritty Victorian drama Penny Dreadful, claim she is protective of her “very special” three-year relationship with Aidan.

One said: “Sarah will stand no nonsense from any female who tries to get too close to Aidan - she will let them know very directly ‘hands off - he’s mine’.

“Sarah is an interesting mix of small town Irish charm and fierce ambition.

“She has the drive and ambition to reach the very top, but she doesn’t like all the nonsense that goes with it.

“She has been dating Aidan for over three years and they are very close.

“However, she is not a great lover of glitzy showbiz parties - she enjoys quite meals out and evenings together.

“Both of them work very hard and time they spend together is very precious - she guards that time jealously and doesn’t like it being invaded by outsiders.” Although Aidan, who also starred in The Hobbit is setting female hearts racing, his girlfriend’s star is rising too.

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein currently championing the beauty and she is tipped to land the lead role in the X Men spin-off Deadpool and has already featured in the fashion bible Vogue.

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