Am loking for update dating site

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I would chat with a girl that was interested (even setting up a date) and 99% of the time they would just disappear...

I am looking for someone who is kind and generous but, also driven and determined.

Someone with similar interests who would like to share a life with me.

for a long while so I'm looking for companionship here. I'm may seem quiet or uninterested at first, but i'm just not good at making friends. for someone special are you special are you the one I won't know until you text me or message me kiss me hug me looking for someone anyone out there Beautiful females looking for a girlfriend to move in with me are you the one message me I m 19 frm HK , an easy going and out-going boy :) Like animals , like travel , like nature , like many beautiful things : D Frankly speaking I would rather going for a while camp and laying on the grassland , watching stars instead of going club or parties . 17 now and 18 in August, who is looking for a girlfriend, preferably another Polish girl whom I can share my culture with.

I'm very kind and sweet to those I love, especially when they need comfort. I live in the USA and mostly speak English, but I am learning Polish.

^^ I love music, art, and science, as well as the paranormal. and anything I can for her as long as she would be loyal towards me at all times. We would love each other always and forever through thick and thin and always keep each other's feelings into account. place to find "the right one" but regardless i will give it a shot since I believe that there must be some interesting lady that is browsing this group by accident.

I am a Russian guy, I speak 5 languages, have a stable job and I am looking for an intelligent, honest and fun...

open and caring one who is kind , and makes me feel special and loved am waiting for u since when ! someone who accepts me for who I am and not what I own.

And I will wait PS I don't mind if u have bright and big beautiful eyes , or small squinty eyed like the Asian girls I just want someone who has more enhanced inner beauty , If... someone I can protect with every fiber of my spirit. I am bi-sexual, and I have been searching for the perfect girl. Its been a long hard road...its been worth the wait.

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