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The group is open to lung cancer survivors, their families, and friends to meet their unique needs.

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When Colin Mc Gregor preaches restraint, he is threatened by bootlegger Grady Hocking whose sons burn down the church and take Danni hostage while trying to escape the state troopers.

She is rescued by Matt and the family while Kathleen keeps the law at bay.

Starring: Andrew Clarke as Matt Mc Gregor, Wendy Hughes as Kathleen O'Neil, Joshua Lucas as Luke Mc Gregor, Brett Climo as Colin Mc Gregor, Guy Pearce as Rob Mc Gregor, Joelene Crnogorac as Danni Mc Gregor, Sheryl Munks as Emily Mc Gregor, Amanda Douge as Victoria Blackwood, Rodney Bell as Frank Blackwood, John Stanton as Oliver Blackwood With: Ben Geurens as Michael O'Neil, Greg Parker as Herbert Elliott, John Flaus as Ralph Temple Also: Frank Gallacher as Grady Hocking, Milan Perkins as Greg Hocking, Myles Collins as George Hocking, Stephen Curry as Harry Jarvis, Eric Donnison as Sergeant, Roger Stephen as Signwriter Bridgid Kelly as Pretty Girl Notes: Sheryl Munks is promoted into the starring cast replacing Reg Evans.

Co-Facilitators Mallory Douge, Survivor, Kidney Cancer LLS Patient Access Intern Candidate, M. in Counseling Kim Denerstein, Survivor, Acute Myeloid Leukemia - LLS Campaign Manager Pre-registration for this free program is required, please let us know you are coming!

757.459.4670 The group provides support and information to men and women who have been diagnised with pancreatic cancer. Meeting are informal, including attendee updates and general discussion pertinent to pancreatic cancer. General Cancer Support Group Every 2nd Saturday of the Month (Starting June 14th) Faciliated By: Amanda Becker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) For more information, call 757-213-5680.

For more information please contact, Jim Sullivan (757) 499-8083 or Gerry La Plante (757) 483-1572. The group is open to lung cancer survivors, their families, and friends to meet their unique needs.

The goal is to assist patients in dealing with the diagnosis, treatment, and nutritional aspects of lung cancer.

This group will provide physical and emotional support through peer participation and educational resources.

Teleconference etiquette is on the back side of this flyer.

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