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If the problem persists, please try to submit the page later or email Customer Service.We will work to correct the problem as quickly as possible. After going on hiatus for two frustrating weeks (rather than go toe-to-pointe-toe with NBC's prime-time Olympics coverage), "So You Think You Can Dance" finally returned to Fox this Wednesday. The Mia theme, as promising as it may have seemed on paper, on the TV screen ultimately did all 14 contestants a real disservice. But it was a good idea, at least, that this Wednesday's guest judges were the Ballet Boys' Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt, from Nigel Lythgoe's other dance show, "A Chance To Dance": Since the two Englishmen had never seen the original versions of these routines (one of them even amusingly referred to Twitch as "Titch"), they could critique each duo with open minds and fresh eyes.

In many ways, the top 14 were not just competing with each other, but with the contestants of seasons past. However, if "SYTYCD's" main objective was to try to go for another sort of post-Olympics gold--a golden Emmy statuette, that is--then this might have been a smart strategy after all.

With "SYTYCD" deservedly up for a Best Reality Show Emmy next month, maybe it was wise to bring back the show's most Emmy-decorated choreographer and have her redo several of her Emmy-winning routines. We'll have to wait and see what the Emmy voters thought of all this revivalism when the awards are handed out September 23.

But right now, back to the task at hand: Recapping this week's episode..finding out which dancers "SYTYCD" voters thought belonged in Season 9's top 10, after four contestants were cut in one fell swoop at this episode's end.

Here are the seven routines of the night, along with the original versions that inspired them (for compare-and-contrast purposes): Eliana Giraud & Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer - "The Door Dance"Is Glitch the new Twitch?

That's what Nigel might want us to believe, and yes, Cyrus is certainly fantastic in his own "animation" popping style.

But in this recreation of one of the most memorable "SYTYCD" routines ever (which was originally danced by Season 4's second-place and third-place finalists, Twitch and Katee), Cyrus didn't quite bring Twitch's swagger to the role of a door-slamming, cigarette-sucking cad.Eliana, one of Season 9's sassiest and brassiest personalities, was a little more convincing as a door-clawing psycho ex-girlfriend, but she too failed bring the fierceness and (no pun intended) unhinged quality that Katee exhibited during the original routine.If I'd been witnessing this for the first time, I could have just sat back and enjoyed it, but that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I'd seen this done before, and done , just ruined it for me. THE ORIGINAL: Tiffany Maher & George Lawrence II - "Hometown Glory"Okay, this was another Season 4 standout, and back then it was danced not only by Katee, but by that season's , Joshua Allen. Both dancers did a solid job and were technically excellent, but I kept remembering the exquisitely anguished expression Katee had on her face when she passionately danced this four years ago, and I didn't feel any of that sort of real, raw pain from Tiffany."I want them to be better than Katee and Joshua," Mia barked. (Although, to be fair, whoever did the lighting and camerawork this evening really messed up by not showing the dancers' faces more clearly.) George was a bit more believable for me, and I was more touched by his performance; judge Mary Murphy actually later told him that he'd "elevated the [Joshua] role," and Nigel even said, "I didn't think we'd seen the best of you yet, and maybe we have tonight." But still, this remake of "Hometown Glory" wasn't quite so glorious.THE ORIGINAL: Amelia Lowe & Will Thomas - "The Butt Dance"I assumed that the vaudeville style of this comical derriere dance would be perfect for the winsome Amelia, and that leering-lothario role (originated in Season 5 by adorable hoofer Evan Kasprzak) would suit goofball Will to a tee. Maybe it was because the shy and sweet Amelia didn't feel comfortable sticking her posterior in Will's face "like a French poodle"--as Mia had instructed, and as Randi Evans had done so memorably with Evan's face back in 2009.Amelia just didn't 100 percent embrace the silliness of the routine, or the sexiness of it, and the overall performance suffered as a result.

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