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This week in New York, Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs spent a romantic evening at Osteria Morini with a rucola salad and some tagliatelle, while Paul Giamatti dug into falafel at Nanoosh, Katie Couric stopped by Fresco by Scotto, and Meg Ryan enjoyed some Shake Shack at a Tribeca Film Festival panel.

[NYP/Page Six] Fresco by Scotto: Katie Couric ate lunch here. [NYP/Page Six] Nanoosh: Paul Giamatti enjoyed some hummus.

[NYP/Page Six] Osteria Morini: Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs apparently left a 50 percent tip.

[Grub Street] Palm Court: Vanessa Hudgens sat down to tea.

[NYP/Page Six] Primola: Pele dined with a friend just tables from Sharon Bush.

[NYP/Page Six] Shake Shack: Though not actually at Shake Shack, Meg Ryan enjoyed one of its shakes while at a Tribeca Film Festival panel, where Danny Meyer was being interviewed.

If you know the time of birth of Andr Balazs, we would appreciate it if you would send us your information with your source, at [email protected] thank you for contributing to the enhancement of our astrological database, we shall be glad to send you the astrological portrait (34 pages) of this celebrity.Celebrities born the same day: Justin Timberlake, Portia de Rossi, Omraam Mikhal Aivanhov, Preity Zinta, Johnny Rotten, Kerry Washington, Franz Schubert, Minnie Driver, Elena Paparizou, Baba Vanga, K-Maro, Patricia Velsquez... Celebrities having the same aspect Mars opposite Neptune (orb 051'): Steve Jobs, Elizabeth II, Serge Gainsbourg, Frida Kahlo, Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, George Sand, Tom Brady, Rose Byrne, Iggy Pop, Maya Angelou, Johan Cruyff... Celebrities having the same aspect Sun sextile Saturn (orb 051'): Rihanna, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, Kat Bjelland, Yasmine Bleeth, Winston Churchill, Meg Ryan, Claude Franois, Pharrell Williams, Janet Jackson, Amy Lee... Astrology Data Base updated Monday, 19 September 2016 at pm, CEST51,514 celebrities and events, out of which 21,538 entries with a known time of birth.Search by filters, aspects, positions, categories, heights, or latest additions.Celebrities clicked on in real-time or yesterday: 407,249,915 times.1st Fire sign - 1st Cardinal sign (spring equinox) - Masculine In analogy with Mars, his ruler, and the 1st House Aries governs the head.

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