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This is apparently one of several times Yahoo has been down this past month.

And although it was known that these two were spending some time apart, E!

News learns that they never officially broke up."It was always a 'break' due to schedules," a source tells E! "They have been really busy, so they finally have had time to see each other again.

They care for each other and always have the best time when together."Stone and Garfield have been finding more time to be with each other as of late, with their most recent outing happening just last night.

, Yahoo email accounts were compromised by hackers and one Yahoo malware attack affected thousands.

Yahoo officials claimed it should just be a matter of changing passwords to keep your information safe:“We are resetting passwords…

we are using second sign-in verification to allow users to re-secure their accounts.

Impacted users will be prompted (if not, already) to change their password and may receive an email notification or an SMS text if they have added a mobile number to their account.” Some people do not buy Yahoo’s explanation that it was a third party database that was hacked.

Since many people tend to use the same user names and passwords across all account this seems plausible, but critics point out that the only evidence for this is Yahoo not finding “a hole its own systems.

Actually, the only evidence Yahoo has that the hack of a third party might be to blame.” But now people attempting to access are receiving the message “connection refused,” and even the email system is down at the moment.

No one on Twitter knows what is going on: This is a developing story so we’ll update you when we find out why you’re seeing Yahoo down for the count.

[UPDATE] The Yahoo servers are already back up but there’s no notice on why it happened.

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