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are draco malfoy and pansy parkinson dating-20

Are draco malfoy and pansy parkinson dating

She was presumably rich because she was an elitist and social Darwinist, like Draco and many other Slytherins.

Despite Harry also coming from a pure-blood and wealthy family, she treated him like dirt.

Pansy appeared to be good friends with the Patil twins, as she expressed disdain for Parvati defending Neville, who she saw as a cowardly immature loser.

Pansy makes her first appearance during the Sorting, and later during the flying class.

She mocks Neville and scoffs at Parvati's defense, saying "Never thought you'd like fat little cry-babies, Patil." Pansy watches Draco and Harry duke it out in the air on their brooms and sees Harry do a spectacular catch in mid-air, and she later gloats, thinking Harry is expelled. Pansy barely appears here, she is presumably in the Slytherin common room when Harry and Ron disguise themselves as Crabbe and Goyle through Polyjuice potion, and she is presumably in the Duelling club and believes Harry is the heir of SLytherin.

Pansy presumably meets with Draco in Diagon Alley in the Summer.She later plays a much bigger role in the book by laughing with Draco and not listening to Hagrid's warning about the dangerous Hippogriffs.Pansy is upset and shocked when Draco is hurt, and this is the moment she first falls for him.When Draco's arm is slashed open when he insults the Hippogriff, Pansy rushes up to the hospital wing to comfort him, showing her affection. Pansy later comforts Draco in class, when he reappears in school.She asks him how his arm hurts and Professor Snape ignores them, favouring his own house students.By this time, Pansy is dating Draco, and she accompanies him to the Yule Ball at Christmas and dances with him.

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