Are gretchen and slade still dating 2016

Their friendship low points often revolved around Gretchen’s relationship with Slade Smiley, who once taunted Vicki’s appearance, in a harsh stand-up comedy act.

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During season one, Smiley joined the show as the fiance of Jo De La Rosa, and later in the show, he also dated Lauri Waring-Peterson.

“At this point, Slade and I haven’t rescheduled the date.

It’s just not the first thing on our schedule right now, but we’ll eventually get married!

” Rossi continued, revealing some of her co-stars would be invited to the upcoming ceremony.

“Lydia [Mc Laughlin], Terry and Heather [Dubrow], Jeana [Keough], Lauri [Peterson] and Peggy [Tanous], and lot of the other housewives in other franchises would probably be invited,” she said.

Gretchen and Slade first met 15 years ago but did not start dating until 2010.In a Season 8 episode of the popular reality series, Gretchen proposed to Slade.Since that time, they have been busy planning their wedding, as well as their future family.“I always knew that I wanted to be a mother,” Gretchen says.“Slade knew that it was something that was very important to me, but he also told me he had a vasectomy.” Although a vasectomy reversal can be successful, it is not guaranteed to restore a man’s fertility, and the procedure comes with a lengthy recovery process.The couple says they had concerns about waiting too long, because Gretchen already had surpassed the ideal age to conceive.

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