zawaj dating love girl chate 2016 - Are megan fox and brian austin green still dating

Megan Fox, 29, and Brian Austin Green, 43, are willing to give their marriage another shot — starting with a SUPER romantic trip to Hawaii! What better place to spend some romantic time together than one of their favorite vacation spots, Hawaii.” SO true!After preparing for an intense divorce, it seems as if baby number three is helping the pair mend their relationship and bring the spark back into their love lives! Hollywood has even EXCLUSIVELY learned that the two are fully focused on “being a family” again. If the duo are going to bring the heat back into their relationship we seriously can’t think of a more fitting place than the tropical island.

For now, they are going to work on staying together and being a family.” We’re SO glad Megan and Brian are taking some time to focus on rebuilding their marriage.

For a while there, it was looking like the two were actually going to follow through with their divorce!

Lately however, it’s been pretty clear that Brian and Megan are TOTALLY still into each other.

When they were out and about in LA on April 17 with their two sons, the pair could hardly keep their hands to themselves!

An eyewitness at the LA farmer’s market even told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY that Megan and Brian were undoubtedly fooling around during their entire visit. Hollywood Lifers, are you happy that Megan and Brian are staying together?

Megan Fox had all the makings of a mega-star: she's one of the most beautiful people on the planet, she oozes charisma, and she's been a marquee name on two franchises. Arguably, her marriage to Brian Austin Green hindered her progress.

, "Megan has always been career-oriented and noted because she was so beautiful.

Now she is being recognized for her talent, and like anyone else with Hollywood ambitions, she wants to pursue those options." She compromised briefly, but it wasn't enough for Green.

The timing is also important: like it or not, Hollywood is a sexist and ageist place.

Green married Fox in her prime movie-making years and expected her to fold to his demands.

that Green wanted Fox to settle down into domestic life and quit acting in favor of full time motherhood.

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