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At the present time, Argentina seems to us to be one of the fastest and, if you qualify, easiest South American countries for obtaining that second passport.And of course, once you have status in Argentina, you can enter any MERCOSUR country on your Argentina ID.

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One is legal residency and the other is citizenship.

If you can qualify, citizenship is the easiest of the two.

At one time you had to have permanent residency status before you could apply for citizenship. You can move here, and after you’ve lived her for a year and a month or so later apply for citizenship.

It will take about a year for the process and at the end of that year, if you have lived here for two years and fulfilled all requirements, you are eligible for citizenship.

Having said that, we want to add that things are changing all over the world.

This citizenship process in Argentina is true now, but things can change.This is why we urge readers not to delay any longer than necessary. We know people who obtained national status in two years.But sometimes there are glitches in the system and it takes longer.I asked one businessman here why his citizenship was so delayed and he said it was mostly because they keep losing things.Thus it is a good practice to keep copies of everything yourself.We handed our case to an Argentina attorney, which has made the process pretty painless.

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