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Mercury, your ruler, runs rampant this year and so do you, Gemini.

During those times when testing is inevitable, there is no end to the targets: romantic unions, friendship, or career.

You'll get in there and dig deep and this could be one of the most transformative years in decades.

You want your way this year and will use any means to achieve that end.

With Neptune holding tight to your Tenth House you have decided that your career must have more personal meaning, and look for more authenticity in all areas of your life.

The largest star in the heavens, Jupiter, is helping you achieve inner peace in the Fourth House, the place of home and family of origin, and in the Eleventh House, too -- bringing new pals your way, and a possible special love interest.

It's not easy for Gemini to follow rules but that's exactly what might be expected of you during the upcoming year.

With Saturn sitting in the Seventh House of committed relationships and opposing your Sun, you've been ducking and dodging but this is the year you conform.

Engaging in chatter is what you do best and if you are in love it's time to confess, as that awesome or inspiring conversation has to take place before love can begin.

If there isn't an intellectual simpatico between the two of you, the relationship can at times be rocky.

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