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But the current owner, an Israeli named Hassan Saeda, countered that the plates had been handed down inhis family for over a century.

Unnamed ‘experts’ announced that the corrosion on the plates proved an ancient provenance, Perhaps the most damaging evidence against the plates’ authenticity lies with their most vocal advocate, British scholar and author David Elkington.

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Even worse, one of these bronze plates contains a palm tree image that very closely matches up with a palm tree motif on one of the lead plates, leading to the almost inescapable conclusion that they were cast from the same mold.

If this one lead plate is a modern creation, are all the rest fakes as well?

Not necessarily, but this is a strong mark against them.

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In March of 2011, some intriguing artifacts were popping up in online news sites, blogs, and mailing lists.

Ancient codices, purporting to be books made of leaves of lead and dating to the first century ad were creating excitement and controversy around the world.

They were described as being about the size as a credit card, engraved with Jewish or Christian symbols and Paleo-Hebrew writing.

They were bound with metal rings; some were even sealed with rings on all sides of the plates. Some reports described as many as 70 codices, others as few as 20.

As more pictures hit the Internet, a great variety of sizes and styles became evident.

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