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It was called Reading the Middle Ages: Book, Object, Image, and in all modesty I must say it was a rousing success. If you missed it, check out the DVDs or the three companion volumes: "At the Edge of the World, 5300 B. D.," "The Wars of the British, 1603-1776," and "The Fate of Empire, 1776-2000." I left my doctoral program in 1999, and became the supervisor of the Butler Reserves Department of Butler Library here at Columbia University.

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But don't take my word for it: Anders is a 2002 Mac Arthur Fellow! His name is David Green, and I'm crazy proud of him.

If you want to give a presentation that makes you sound about 45 times smarter and nicer and cleverer than you are, David's your guy.

Leah (yet another medievalist) possesses a startling creativity, and is now at Texas A&M.

S, a single folio from a twelfth-century Bible which was long used as a piece of binding material.

The text is Jerome's "Novum Opus," his introduction to the Vulgate Bible. 98, a homilary which appears to have come from the same scriptorium, but which retained its integrity.

I discovered the Harley manuscript on a trip to London while I was cataloguing the Med Ren fragment.

Click anywhere on the images to go to a second set of initials.

When I started this page, I was a doctoral student in medieval history at Columbia, but I left ABD in 1999.

I came over to the libraries then, and that's where I am now. You decide: I created the electronic Orbis Latinus, a digitized version of Graesse's 1909 edition of the indispensable guide to Latin placenames.

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