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Relationships are merely a continuation of pickup by other means.

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There seems to be a mistaken belief among the betacracy that game may be good for pickup but it’ll do nothing at best, and sabotage at worst, your prospects for a long and healthy relationship. An implicit bargain has been struck and there comes an expectation, not wholly removed of anxiety, that your partner isn’t going to bolt, run away, or suddenly despise you from one day to the next. As with demographics and economics, there is a lag time in sexual dynamics.

These are the beliefs of weak and nutless men who habitually dumpster date women way under their own market value so that they can go on acting like Dr. But soft expectations so often morph into hard demands, and then the misalignment with reality begins in earnest. This lag time gets longer the more established the relationship becomes.

A man who commits one glaring beta act on the approach isn’t going to get more than a few seconds with his target before she blows him out.

But a man who has been seeing a girl for two years has to run up a litany of beta fouls before his woman’s love finally dissolves under the onslaught of her mounting disgust.

A lower energy, consistent level of relationship game different only in degree, not kind, from pickup game, must be a part of every man’s arsenal of perpetual sexiness.

One thing you will not fail to notice with women is that their shit tests never end, they just fade away… A handy chart demonstrating this female proclivity to endlessly take stock of your alpha cred should make things clear: First few minutes Rapid fire shit tests designed to weed out betas First few dates One or two shit tests per date, less crass, more subtle Post-sex Possible “I didn’t cum” shit test. First few weeks Shit tests become less obnoxious, more defensive; (“Are you always this late?”) First few months Non-verbal shit tests increase in frequency; she waits for you to call instead of picking up phone herself.Six months later Endearing love and romance shit tests begin to flare up; (“You hardly ever give me flowers.” “Do you love me? ”) Thirty years in Regret and death shit tests; (“The kids are gone.”) One year in Provider shit tests in full swing; (“Why don’t you buy yourself a bigger place? I’m not in love anymore.” “Would you wipe my spotted ass when I’m an invalid?” “You never tell me what you do at work.”) Two years in “Life purpose”, marriage, and infidelity shit tests; (“Where are we going with this? ”) If you aren’t a natural at deflecting shit tests of all varieties, then you must teach yourself.For those men not blessed with the quickness of mind and aloofness of temperament to handle shit tests like a champ, a system must be devised. I call it the Agree & Amplify anti-shit test counterinsurgency. When you are hit with a shit test, agree with your girl, and then amplify your agreement. Be happy you’re in the top tier.” *** GIRL: “Are you just going to sit around all day playing video games? With enough hard work I should be able to push this to a full month.” *** GIRL: “We’re going to that restaurant again?

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