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Bagram was littered with smashed aircraft and other wreckage dating to the Soviet occupation of the 1980s and more recent battles between Taliban forces and Afghan rebels.

Roger King, public affairs officer here for the arriving 18th Airborne Corps troops.

Still, he said, there is no pullout date for the 3,000 US troops at this base: “It’s open-ended.” The most important sign of the expanding role of Bagram was the arrival on Friday of Lt. Dan Mc Neill, who commands the 18th Airborne Corps, a huge outfit with 85,000 soldiers deployed worldwide. Franklin “Buster” Hagenbeck, worked through Camp Doha in Kuwait, which in turn reported to Franks.

For the first time since the war began, nearly all military operations in Afghanistan, from air attacks to Special Forces raids, are controlled by an officer at Bagram. Tommy Franks, head of the Central Command in Tampa, Fla. Even before Mc Neill’s arrival, the base had begun to reflect a more formal military structure.

BAGRAM AIR BASE: For months, America’s most important military base was a rugged frontier camp at a bombed-out Afghan airfield. The ground was furrowed with ditches dug for a new electrical system.

Outside, soldiers strolled back from the PX with their purchases, everything from Pringles to DVD players.

C., squeezing a foam mattress that lay atop her cot, in a tent with a wooden frame, fluorescent lighting, an iron and a coffee-maker. Costello arrived here recently, she was stunned to see her living quarters: a carpeted tent near a shower facility with hot water and plastic flowered curtains. ” said Costello, 42, part of the 18th Airborne Corps from Fort Bragg, N.Bagram is rapidly taking on the look of a military installation built to last, raising the question of how long US forces intend to stay.The base got a further upgrade last week, as the allied military headquarters for Afghanistan operations shifted from Kuwait to Bagram, bringing in a staff of hundreds and a three-star general.Bagram is a world removed from last November, when the US military moved in after the ruling Taliban militia was driven from Kabul, the Afghan capital, 35 miles to the south.Initially, the base housed a few hundred soldiers, mainly Special Forces troops who camped out amid minefields.

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