Belarus women for dating and marriage

She was an accountant working as an audit slave at one of the big four accounting, KPMG.

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I found out she was married to a Russian guy in the USA who was a dual citizenship.

I subsequently found out the marriage most likely was fake for citizenship, although she did not see it that way, she wanted one marriage. Years latter I learned he she remarried a nice accountant guy and they were deeply in love.

He on the other hand though it was for a green card, but did it anyway most likely for free action from a hot blond. She is a highly ethical person but because of her messed up circumstances life did not turn out as she wished in her dreams, but it did work out. However, my point is beaware you have to balance ideals and reality of the economics when first discovering what a girl from Brest to Vitsyebsk.

Belarus women are neither East nor West Technically women from White Russia are Eastern, this is because they speak Belarusian and Russian (both Eastern Slavic languages) an Eastern Slavic language and are more Orthodox than Catholic.

However, if you chat with Belarus girls they are more like Polish than Russian. Therefore, do not be mislead, Belarus girls are not Russian girls.

Belarus girls are connected to Russia in terms of culture, are different in many ways from Russian girls.

I would say Belarus girls are a cross between Russian and Western girls with any girl not from Minsk for sure more Western, than Russian. They are maybe some of the blondest girls I have seen. Sweet meaning Belarus girls care about family, church, are not materialistic.

They live in a hard economic and political country so they focus on intellectual pursuits.

If you want to marry a girl from Belarus you have a good chance of being happy.

Personal story of a Belarusian girl Here is a telling personal experience with a woman from Belarus. She a classic Slavic beauty with long blond hair and blue eyes.

She looked like the Belarus girl in the photo below.

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