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Minsk is a large educational centre within Belarus.The main educational institutions of the country, including lyceums, high schools and colleges, are concentrated in Minsk.It lies on the crossroads of major international roots from Germany and Poland to Russia and from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea.

Because of the uncontrolled border with Russia it is difficult to assess the exact number of tourists that come to Belarus, but the estimate for 2011 is around 750,000.

In 2014 Belarus will host the ice hockey World Championship.

This high-profile event can boost the country’s tourist industry, as the authorities promise visa-free travel for all Westerners.

It is the political, economic, scientific and cultural centre of the country and the administrative centre of the Minsk region.

Minsk is the most economically developed city in Belarus.

There are 1.959,8 million inhabitants in Minsk, and the population is constantly growing.

Minsk is located on the main transportation routes connecting Western Europe and the East, regions of the Black Sea coast and the Baltic States.

Highways connect Minsk with the largest cities in Belarus: Orsha, Vitebsk, Molodechno, Brest, Slutsk, Mogilev and Gomel.

Minsk has a large railway network which connects Brest, Moscow, Vilnius and Gomel. The city has a very good public transportation system.

You can easily reach any place by bus, trolleybus or tram.

Minsk, like most big European cities, has a fine metro system. The city produces 16% of the total volume of industrial output. The main branches are: There is a free economic zone in Minsk.

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