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Rauniker offers as he encourages them along the path to Choosing God's Best: healing from the past; learning how to avoid the pain of "counterfeit oneness" physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and much more.

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By Neil Clark Warren Ever wonder how to know who you should marry, and who you shouldn't?

This book takes some of the guesswork out of the whole assessment process. Warren's 25 years of counseling, he has discovered that the majority of successful couples followed certain wise and godly principles in their mate selection.

We'll tell you the first principle, but you'll have to read the book to discover the other nine.

By Michael and Judy Phillips Young people need a whole new strategy for finding lifetime mates. These struggles included having to become another person in order to keep someone; feeling controlled in the relationship; putting up with inappropriate behavior and attitudes; and sexual and moral conflicts.

Drawing upon their pioneering work in the field of home schooling as well as their work with young people, Michael and Judy Phillips present bold, surprising, sometimes even controversial alternatives to dating as the means for choosing spouses. We believe that dating is a good thing, and that it can be a context of growth, enjoyment and ultimately finding a mate in life.

Henry Cloud, my coauthor, and I wrote this book for singles(both previously and never married), because of the struggle we observed people dealing with in their dating lives.

But in order for this to happen, people must learn to define themselves clearly and set the appropriate boundaries, or limits in their relationships.

In this way, love, responsibility and freedom can result in dating.

I hope you enjoy the book, and that it is a help to you.

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