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In the real world, the most natural and smooth way to begin a conversation with a stranger is to make an observation - followed by a comment. Take a minute to look at the details and do not pay attention to her looks! And It's perfectly acceptable to challenge her here, you don't need to say something nice. You can choose to express interest, by saying something complimentary, or if you don't want to show your interest just yet, just heckle her about something.

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I touched an emotion when I commented on her picture, and she immediately experienced the memory of that moment, and it showed in her reply!

Remember, that girls are emotional creatures, and if you can engage them, emotionally...

online, then you are going to be way ahead of the game.

You can try full-featured php job board script on a server.

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This is the absolute-best-way of first contacting a girl when online dating that I have come up with.

This will engage her in her world and gets a very high response rate.

Plus it will give you something interesting to carry on the conversation with in a natural organic way once she does reply.

It's not a routine or script, it's not about commenting on her interests or relating to her, it's about observation. If nothing pops into your mind, look at the next photo until something strikes you as comment-worthy. Observing and making a comment on her photo will put you directly into her reality.

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