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This Blog Everyday Asperger’s by Samantha Craft is retired. Things that are hard for us to understand: manipulation, disloyalty, vindictive behavior, and retaliation. We escaped into fantasies, what could be, projections, dreams, and fairy-tale-endings. We may have been labeled with seemingly polar extremes: depressed/over-joyed, lazy/over-active, inconsiderate/over-sensitive, lacking awareness/attention to detail, low-focus/high-focus.

Her new blog can be found at Everyday Aspie and her company website at Thank you for the community and support you have offered through the years. Are we easily fooled and conned, particularly before we grow wiser to the ways of the world? Confusion, feeling misplaced, isolated, overwhelmed, and simply plopped down on the wrong universe, are all parts of the Aspie experience. We obsessed over collecting objects, maybe stickers, mystical unicorns, or books. Nothing was for fun, everything had to have purpose. We may have poor muscle tone, be double-jointed, and lack in our motor-skills.

Sam’s book is here: book 1) We are deep philosophical thinkers and writers; gifted in the sense of our level of thinking. We may have escaped through a relationship with a lover. At parties, if we went, we might have escaped into a closet, the outskirts, outdoors, or at the side of our best friend. We may hold our pencil “incorrectly.” We may have eating disorders, food obsessions, and struggles with diet.

Perhaps poets, professors, authors, or avid readers of nonfictional genre. We delve into an alternate state of mind, so we could breathe, maybe momentarily taking on another dialect, personality, or view of the world. We may have escaped through substance abuse, including food, or through hiding in our homes. We may have irritable bowel, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other immune-challenges.

I don’t believe you can have Aspergers without being highly-intelligent by mainstream standards. We may have sought out answers to why we seemed to see the world differently than others we knew, only to be told we were attention seekers, paranoid, hypochondriacs, or too focused on diagnoses and labels.

Perhaps that is part of the issue at hand, the extreme intelligence leading to an over-active mind and high anxiety. Our personhood was challenged on the sole basis that we “knew” we were different but couldn’t prove it to the world and/or our personhood was oppressed as we attempted to be and act like someone we were not. We over-shared, spilling out intimate details to strangers; we raised our hand too much in class, or didn’t raise our hand at all; we had little impulse control with our speaking, monopolizing conversations and bringing the subject back to ourselves.

We see things at multiple levels, including our own place in the world and our own thinking processes. We still question our place in the world, who we are, who we are expected to be, searching for the “rights” and “wrongs;” and then, as we grow and realize there are no true answers, that everything is theory-based and limited, we wonder where to search. We aren’t narcissistic and controlling–we know we are not, but we come across that way.

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