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The internet can be a great place to meet other lesbian and bisexual teens.

But the internet can also be a place where dangers lurk and people prey on unsuspecting lesbian and bisexual teens.

Here are some tips for lesbian and bisexual teens to keep yourself safe on the internet.

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You want to know, are they gay, lesbian or bisexual?

I feel like my friends will judge me, even though half f them have already come out as something other that straight.

My dad hates the very idea of same sex relationships and I feel like coming out to him will make his dislike of me grow even more. She makes me happy when she's around and I laugh a lot more although I do blush a lot around her.

I don't think she'd ever fall for somebody like me though.

She knows I'm ftm transgender and she says it doesn't matter that I'm still the same person but I think she's straight.

Saturday night I had a sleepover at Alicia's house, there are 3 of us all besties but Kelly was ill. im into girls as much as into guys and to all of you who are confused about their sexuality: dont think too much, just follow your instincts, enjoy yourself and let noone... Yes I'm bi, no that does not mean I'm attracted to everyone I see. I just hate when people point out people who aren't my type or I know for a fact we wouldn't work and tell me to date them... I don't need to decide whether I'm lesbian or straight, for I am neither.

Nearly every weekend we stay at 1 house or other and have done for years. I never used labels other than quiet, lonely, depressed to describe myself not too long ago a friend or (ex friend) said to me " you are so gay" needless to say it was true but being gay implies I'm only attracted to girls but I'm not I am attracted to boys too so by definition... I guess I'm Hannah Montana in this case, because I'm living the best of both worlds :)) I have been bisexual my whole damn life. thought how about we follow each other on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?

Kelly was ill so just me n Alicia went 2 Maccy D and to town back to hers watched dvds and hanging out... Twitter- @beautgraveyard / @raubrey8 (I have 2 accounts Instagram- raubrey8 Facebook -

I stayed at Alicia's Saturday night, it's the first time since we had our first experience kissing. I expressed it to some people on here but they all blocked me. fref=nf I've told my mum so many times, like I've came out to her so many times, and she never listens y'know.

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