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Bunch of stuff to keep myself busy and doing some basketball stuff, watching a few games.I’ve got some other little interests I try to take care of as far as just fiddling around.I was doing a bunch of real estate, bought and sold some stuff. I find stuff to keep myself busy.”“I do miss it, I am a coach.

It has been tough because her and her husband lost a son two years ago and lost both mothers four years ago, so it has been a tough deal.

My brother-in-law is the best guy in the world and he has one son left, so I try to spend as much time with those guys as I could, so that has kept me busy as well for the last year. I love watching games and practices, I love being around people, I always find something to keep myself busy.

With all that said, it is time for me to get back out there and coach again because I do believe I bring something to the table and I do enjoy it and it brings a lot to the table for me, so when the right situation comes along, I’ll jump back in."“What Coach Calipari has done has been unbelievable, his recruiting run for the last seven or eight years, dating back to Memphis, is probably about as good of a recruiting run as anyone has ever had I would think.

That’s just an off the cuff statement but I really do believe that no one has done it better over a seven or eight year period.

He has a put a really good team together and got lucky last year to where a couple guys that you would have thought would put their names in the draft decided to come back, so he ends up with two fantastic classes on top of each other still there."They have been great all year long. Most coaches have a time period when freshmen come in, no matter how good they are, where those freshmen don’t want to guard.

That is the most impressive thing I have seen Cal do, he gets those freshman to guard right off the bat and that is really difficult to do because they probably haven’t had to that before in their high school careers.

He gets them to guard and this team is really a good defensive team and that has carried them.

They’re okay offensively, they get a lot of stuff in transition and offensive rebounds but he does a fantastic job of getting everyone to buy into guarding.”“In my opinion, I think Kentucky does go perfect for a couple of reasons. Number two, I think college basketball has taken a step back the last couple of years in terms of quality of play.

Back when Duke was great, there were always seven or eight teams that could win it.

When UNLV was making their run there was always the Duke’s, the Carolina’s, the UCLA’s and the Kansas’.

It was a tougher run through, but this year it seems like there has been Kentucky and then there is everybody else.

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