Black women dating jackson county

If you're sensitive, this is NOT the channel for you.

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I give my personal reasons and speculate on why other white women may do so also. v=Oi XP539emn MBEFORE CONVENING THE COUNCIL AND GATHERING AN ANGRY MOB...

Other videos to check out : "I'm a Jealous Girlfriend" : watch? Frank Philly TV discuss why we think this might be the common belief amongst black men who date outside their race Our Facebook lytv Our Twitter Frank Philly Tv13 Our Instagram frankphillytv Here I talk about why some white women date black men. And for all of you who want to know what my boyfriend thinks of this video he's the link to his response watch? I hope you can see that :) Please check out other newer comedy bits too and dare I even ask you to SUBSCRIBE.

Black Men sit down and discuss why they only court Black Women.

Snow, Ram and Kalyd discuss their reasoning for keeping it black, what attracts them to Black Women, the political agenda behind interracial dating, WHY so many black males go outside of their race, and advice to Black Men and Women who seek to build with each other.

Another controversial topic so please refrain from watching if you're hyper-sensitive.

We're discussing the stigma behind why "black men" prefer to date "white women" over black women and other stigmas attached to interracial dating.

This video is not representing how we feel about interracial couples or dating.

WE ARE DISCUSSING STIGMAS NOT FACTS PEOPLE for those of you that didn't hear us state that several times throughout the video! **AS ALWAYS, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED** Our names are Hazel and Ari of the Dahlia Girls.

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