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David also recently completed the AIR 1.5 Cookbook (with a great group of co-authors) and the series, AIR for Flash Developers.

If you have just created an External List and tried to update an item through a SPD Workflow action, you may have received the error below in the History List when the workflow action executes: The workflow could not update the item in the external data source.

To your surprise, the action completes without error. There is a very good chance that this error is related to the security configuration and connection properties for the External Content Type.

In the example below, the External Content Type interacts with a WCF service.

Let’s look into why this error has surfaced and how to go about resolving it.

Shell scripts are great (of course - this is only going to work if you are on a Linux server).

This script should also preserve plug-ins and themes (assuming that you keep data in the standard directories).

You will have to update two settings in the script.First, you will need to update the SCRIPT_DIRECTORY variable.This will be the directory where wordpress will be downloaded and unzipped. This script will not update your database tables - you will have to log into the administrator and click through the update process there.Next, you will need to update the array of wordpress installations. Download Code Update Script David Tucker is a Rich Internet Application developer, author, and trainer.David currently serves as a Software Engineer at Universal Mind.In addition, David also blogs regularly at Inside RIA where he produces the Weekly RIA Round Up podcast.

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