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Dating individuals who cannot live without reading books might pose a slight challenge at first.Bookworms, also known as bibliophiles, tend to spend as much time as they can with their books.They are the ones who cannot be parted with reading, no matter where they are: in trains, buses, planes, waiting in queue, waiting for their next classes.

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You wouldn’t want to tear them away from their books.

And given the nature of their hobby, you may sometimes feel like you’re the third wheel when your partner has a book in hand. You don’t need to be a bibliophile yourself to be able to enjoy dating a bookworm.

Here are some ways you can dive into their world to make your dates mutually enjoyable!

#1 Time to bring out that book bag and library card that has been hoarding cobwebs since you got it. And you are probably in this section because you are not a big fan of books, or even if you are a fan, you are not a hardcore, super fan like the person that you are dating. There are surely a number of libraries that you can bring your partner to.

Research where the libraries are, their opening hours and what the requirements for membership are.

When you have gotten the information, get your own pass.

Your partner probably possesses their own card, but you can surprise them by bringing them there on a Saturday afternoon and spending the rest of the day there instead of watching a movie or dining out.

You don’t even have to feign enthusiasm for the same books.

Go to the big format section or the art section, and grab some books with huge illustrations.

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