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"Does that kind of thing happen to you, where an actress will contact you, or a singer?

" Cooper replies with a firm "no." Stern presses on, encouraging Cooper to go on a date with Swift, suggesting that the two "would make beautiful children together."Bradley Cooper Turns 40, Air Guitars to Neil Young on 'Tonight Show'Cooper sounds surprised by the whole conversation.

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Cooper, 41, is very close to Gloria Campano, his mother.

Cooper couldn’t see it working out in the long term if Shayk did not get along with his mother.

It has been reported that the two had been getting on well, but things started going south after Christmas when Cooper realized Irina was not really getting on well with his mother.

newspaper, “The pair had been getting on really well, but things went south over the Christmas period.

They spent Christmas together in Los Angeles but arguments started, mainly centering around the fact Irina and Bradley’s mum weren’t getting on very well.” It has also been reported that Irina was under the impression things were going brilliantly with Bradley Cooper, and she was broken-hearted when it came out that he was not happy.

A close friend revealed that “Irina thought things were going brilliantly with Bradley and is very upset they ended this way,” the said Irina had already moved on with a male model by the name of Stephen James.

He had posted a picture of Shayk on her 30th birthday and captioned it, “Happy days to the most beautiful of them all… However, sources at said that it was not true that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were breaking up.

The sources also dismissed the suggestion that Irina did not get along with Bradley’s mother.

The source explained that Irina and Brad’s mother are very close to each other and get along well even when he is not with them. The source also said that they have a huge attraction towards each other.

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