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Related to Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend, if the love interest and the rest of the band don't see eye-to-eye.Also see Love Makes You Uncreative if the love interest somehow manages to adversely affect the performance of the musician, actor, athlete, writer, or artist.

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If you were thinking of another Yoko, see Last Kiss. He felt Kristen might be stringing him along or that MA's presence there would change her mind.

"She (Kristen) and Rob started to get really close again, taking it slow, then MA visited. Nikki apparently tried to comfort him that night by the way....offering Rob her support if he needed her.

The weight of loneliness settles in his chest yet again, and he subconsciously reaches for his phone, thrown carelessly on the sheets beside him.

Basically Die for Our Ship, but aimed at a Real Life love interest of a celebrity or other public figure.

She (and it almost always will be a woman) is hated by most of the fan base for "stealing him away from them", despite the painfully large probability that the fans have no hope of ever hooking up with him.

The hate only intensifies if she happens to outlive him.

Seems to be most prevalent with musicians, but also happens with actors' and athletes' love interests.

Whether or not they , or that celebrities are as entitled to pursue relationships with whomever they choose as anyone.

Characters like this pop up in fiction, of course, and not just with musicians - any group of friends is liable to complain that the hero's new girlfriend is trying to "break up the Five-Man Band".

If she's a Temporary Love Interest introduced solely to use this plot, the girl in question may even be a direct parody of Yoko Ono herself.

Whether this character is treated with cynicism, sympathy, or indifference varies from show to show.

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