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Other than Chinese, the next largest group was Americans (9.1 million).The research also showed that Chinese shoppers take notice of seasonal promotions: 43 per cent said they are more likely to buy from a foreign website during the Christmas holiday sales, Black Friday or Singles Day, which falls annually on Nov 11.Cameron Mc Lean, Britain’s managing director for Pay Pal, said there were “clear lessons for British businesses” in the figures.

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Many British e-retailers are already investing in having their websites translated into Mandarin to target China’s high-spending middle class, added Yaron Kaufman, chief marketing officer at One Hour Translation in Singapore.

Over the past two years, he said, the company has seen a noticeable increase in customers wanting English-to-Chinese services.

Most are from the US, with British firms not far behind.

Based on a survey that covered 29 countries, researchers found that 59 per cent of Chinese had purchased clothing, footwear and accessories from Britain in the past year; 57 per cent cosmetics and other beauty products; and more than 40 per cent groceries, food, drink and alcohol.

The findings show that Britain’s e-retailers have received a major boost from Chinese shoppers, who according to the survey were attracted by product authenticity and secure online payment systems.

Deirdre Wells, chief executive of trade association Ukinbound, said a surge in Chinese tourists to Britain in recent years could be a factor in the e-commerce link, as shoppers will stick with British retailers if they like what they buy while on holiday.Chinese tourists contribute about £500 million a year to the British economy.Overall, the number of visas granted to Chinese nationals has almost trebled in the past five years, from 115,000 in 2009 to 336,000 last year.Meanwhile, spending has increased by 326 per cent, with individuals spending on average £2,688 per visit.British brands are already associated with quality and heritage, but Mr Wells is encouraging businesses to make their products attractive to Chinese by providing Union Pay as a payment option and becoming more active in pushing their brand on Chinese social media.According to the Pay Pal/ Ipsos survey, 86.4 million online shoppers worldwide bought from British e-retailers in the past 12 months.

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