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The Iron Bull was raised in the schools of Par Vollen by the tamassrans, though he was called Ashkaari, "one who thinks", at the time.

He was big and strong for his age and liked to act as a secondary caregiver for his fellow children, reporting to the tamassrans when someone wasn't feeling well or was about to cause trouble. On one occasion, after he'd eaten all the meat on his plate but left the vegetables untouched, his "Tama" told him that he wouldn't be allowed to go and play until he ate two more things off his plate.

Without hesitation, he took two pieces of meat he had hidden in his pocket, placed them upon the plate, ate the two pieces while looking at Tama and ran off to play.

This convinced her that Ashkaari would make a poor Qunari soldier, as they needed to be obedient to the spirit of an order as well as the letter. As he began his training, Ashkaari gained a new informal name to set him apart from his peers: Hissrad, "one who creates illusion" or "liar".

His early work in Par Vollen involved uncovering smuggling operations, discontented groups considering fleeing the Qun and a Tevinter spy ring, which saw him recognized as a valuable asset.

He was recommended for service on the Qunari-held island of Seheron. Incursions from Tevinter, marauding Tal-Vashoth, and native rebels fighting both sides made life chaotic.The Ben-Hassrath considered two years of active service the maximum time most agents could perform in Seheron before prolonged stress rendered them unable to carry out their duties effectively but Hissrad lasted almost a decade before burning out, rising through the ranks as his superiors broke down or died.After eight years in Seheron, his unit suffered heavy losses when a friendly Seheron merchant was pressured into poisoning his men.When the same poison was used to kill a school full of children, Hissrad vowed to avenge them.He mounted an assault on a Tal-Vashoth stronghold in the jungle.He lost several more soldiers, including his longtime friend Vasaad, which sent him in a berserk state.

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