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A Los Angeles court late Friday unsealed documents revealing details of billionaire Ronald W.Burkle's bitter divorce fight -- records that he went to extraordinary lengths over the last three years to keep private.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger that would have shielded Burkle's financial information from public view.

The documents had previously been public for a time but were not widely reported on before being sealed.

The documents include explicit allegations by Burkle's daughter about his conduct toward his ex-wife.

They also provide an analysis of Burkle's financial investments as of 1997, when the couple signed a post-marital agreement, and Janet Burkle's account of their household spending and property holdings, as well as a window into his family's upscale habits."For the vast majority of our marriage -- the last 20 of our 28-year marriage -- my husband and I lived among the most lavish of American lifestyles," Janet Burkle stated in a September 2003 divorce filing.

The documents include a sworn declaration by the Burkles' adult daughter that her father had told her that his security staff had "pictures and videos" of Janet Burkle and her boyfriend having sex.

Carrie Anne Burkle, now 29, said Ronald Burkle asked her and her brother John, now 25, to watch the tape, but later changed his mind. This is not true."Glaser said the allegations had been withdrawn and the divorce court judge had ruled them inadmissible.

She said her father phoned his security director in front of her, and told her Janet Burkle was with her boyfriend "at this very moment."The daughter's declaration was made in support of Janet Burkle's 2003 application for a court restraining order, which was denied. Burkle's security chief, Frank Renzi, in a written response to The Times, said that there was no videotape, and that Carrie evidently had misconstrued a conversation with her father over her mother's new boyfriend, an ex-convict.

The application accused her husband of spying on her, their young son and her boyfriend. He said Carrie was reluctant to believe the two were involved.

Janet Burkle also claimed that her husband's security agents followed her and their son into Jerry's Deli when they went to lunch, and tailed her at a park. In response to Carrie's refusal, Ronald Burkle asked her a question to the effect, "What do I have to do to convince you? "Burkle, in a divorce filing, said he was particularly concerned about security because of the 1973 kidnapping of the 15-year-old daughter of the owner of Stater Bros.

In a letter to The Times, Burkle's attorney, Patricia L. supermarkets, where Burkle got his start in business.

Burkle said his father, then a vice president at Stater Bros., gathered ransom cash from various stores.

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