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For instance, it was funny when Lou, the 75-year-old bodybuilder, flexed his muscles and talked about weightlifting competitions, but grew serious when he described his feelings about not giving up on life."I think you miss something if you don't have love in your life," he said.

Addie, an adventurous, attractive blonde, was on a mission to find a man who could keep up with her.

Most of the prospective matches just gaped at her when she said that for fun she jumped out of a plane, traveled to exotic places and worked out five days a week at the gym."It's lonely, losing the love of your life," she said. I'm still alive and want to be needed, to be part of the world, people get into a persona of being old. I'll never grow old, as long as I'm out there on the dance floor, having fun."Matt, dependent on oxygen, had been alone for five years but felt virile.

He talked about his perfect date watching the sunset.

"Anyone here have an interest in OASIS having speed dating, or if you know of anybody interested, please raise your hand," asked OASIS Health and Wellness Supervisor Leslie Hardy, following the recent screening of the documentary film "Age Of Love" at the OASIS Senior Center.

This may be a bit of an eye-opener, but there are some singles well into their golden years who still go on dates.

Just because a person has gray hair and wrinkles doesn't mean that their desires are gone, which was the point of the film.

"Age Of Love" follows 30 seniors from Rochester, N.

Y., who sign up for a first-of-its-kind speed dating event exclusively for 70- to 90-year-olds.

The film helps to raise awareness about what it's like to grow older without a partner by pursuing intimate confessions from the speed daters.

The knowledge that was gained as a result of the in-depth interviews helped shed a light on the stigma attached to age-related physical appearance that seniors face when they set out to look for new beginnings.

The people interviewed were comprised from a medley of assorted backgrounds and diverse personalities, sometimes comical, sometimes touching.

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