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Anyone knows if and how is possible to videochat with cuba?

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our cameras are fine but they result "not accesible". I would greatly appreciate specific feedback on how, where in Cuba and what time frame they last used this service. My calls to Cuba are extremely costly, trying to figure out another means of communicating.

it is possible that from Cuba just web cam has been blocked? Thx VZO chat works in cuba, all your friends and family have to do is download the software and you can chat and talk and video at the same time.

which version of yahoo are you using to video chat?

thanks everybody for your help Don't know what you mean by "blocked" given we use it all the time?

Cuba is an island country located very close to the United States. Most of the land area is located on the 745 mile main island made up of rolling hills.

The climate is tropical and Cuba has the 2nd largest reserves of Nickel in the world. Since the early 90s' Cuba has been working towards increasing trade and tourism.

Many of the resorts and hotels in the country have their own generator to avoid disruptions in power for guests.

We have all seen the reviews on other sites, good and bad.

Those of us who return time after time know that it is not the buildings, it is the people that we love.

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