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Now that I have a laptop with a cam and Skype, how can I find like minded people who want to either chat (type) or use the cam to have some phone sex via skype?

Is there an easy way to find people on the skype network, or are there any free 3 party sites that can pair people up?

thanks, Coolwithalltypes Now that I have a laptop with a cam and Skype, how can I find like minded people who want to either chat (type) or use the cam to have some phone sex via skype?

This all started with my ex girlfreind whom i had a Long distance relationship with and didn't work out.

Well while we were together we would do sexual acts on skype webcam and so on well now she cheated on me and dumped me but im addicted to seeing girls do sexual acts on webcams on skype and not anywhere else because i like showing my body to women, But i now have a Very careing and loving girlfriend and i don't want my past to ruin my future. They have online meetings which might be an alternative to Skype.

i dropped the act for about 2 years but i got dragged on to my old skype account and some new people added me and ive started it again and after it happens i feel so useless and become depressed i feel like i dont deserve anyone. I think that porn addiction is nothing comparing to this (not from my experience). Changing your Skype avatar to something that reminds you you want to break this habit?

But when it starts to happens again i go along and have that same feeling after and i have tried to change my passwords to my Skype but i just find out what i randomly typed in or get on the emial i use and get a new one. And it's much stronger than freelivecams, too (my experience). Moving the link / startup icon so it's inside a folder called "I don't want to do this". Then when the urge to reinstall strikes, there's a window of time for talking yourself down again. If you can spot the trigger, that might make it easier to divert the urges before Skype is open.

I need some serious help because i don't want this to ruin anything and plus im moving out soon and i want to be rid of the urge to see naked girl/women on skype at this point im begging i always do it when im alone and that is alot because i work at night and durring the day everyone is at work but i also have a professional Skype for photoshop work i do Please help and i have tried uinstalling but i just reinstall it and it is all on my laptop please help-That Useless Guy I understand you because I have a same problem. [I have tried this with a different problem program. ] If you have an account just for this, then uninstalling it as completely as you can. Also, you could try looking at exactly what you get out of this. Having a plan for what to do at that point is also good.

Is there an underlying self esteem problem and this is reassuring? What's the "pay off" for doing this rather than any other kind of release? Whether that's getting up to make a drink [non alcoholic, though.

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