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Witnesses say he was found sleeping in the entryway of a bar and the owner called police.When police arrived on the scene, Rahami started shooting and two officers were injured - one from a bullet striking his vest and the other from a piece of glass cutting his head.

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Rahami was not on their terrorism radar, the FBI said at an afternoon press conference.

Christopher Halliwell (right) is already serving a life sentence for the murder of Sian O'Callaghan (bottom left) who he abducted in his taxi as she made her way home from a night out in Swindon in March 2011.

He confessed to killing Miss O'Callaghan and took police to her body before offering 'another one' and leading them to where he had buried missing prostitute Becky Godden (left top) years earlier.

Hayley Rice and Kevin Martin (pictured, inset), from Derby were overjoyed at the idea of having another baby when they were told there would be complications by doctors.

Despite initially believing that the issues would be small and manageable, the couple were eventually told that Sydney (pictured, centre) was simply 'incompatible with life', a heartbreakingly haunting phrase that has stayed with Miss Rice ever since.

Sydney was born in April and died just an hour later.

But after finding out they would not have long together, the charity contacted charity Remember My Baby, who would help them create everlasting memories of her short life with her family.

Photographers arrived after her death and captured her parents tenderly holding the infant's lifeless body (inset).

Other images show Sydney's sisters, Charlie (right), 15, and Frankie (left), 11, posing for timeless portraits with the poor infant.

But while they have created lasting memories at a time of anguish for the family, the images will spark debate as some will question how appropriate the charity's unusual service is.

Miss Rice added: 'Some people think it's a bit morbid, but if you've been through something like this then it's a service you really appreciate.' Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, was taken into custody Monday morning in Linden, New Jersey (main image, laying on the ground).

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