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Brandon and Elle hit 17 minutes, a middling amount of time that none of the hosts really know what to do with.

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Woman-on-the-street Danielle Stewart asks normal folks to share juicy morsels about how they get freaky in the bedroom.

These segments are frequently charming and refreshingly sex-positive — just like the show it shamelessly cribs.

But the majority of Sex Box is structured around three people giving impossibly confident snap judgements to couples who are supposedly trying to solve some of their most complicated and intimate problems.

“If we could actually be in your bedroom and help you with this, we would,” says Dr. The tattooed, slick-haired sex therapist stares past the camera with a knowing smirk about what comes next. And that’s when we can best really, really help you guys… The trio share the confidence of a Tarot card reader, the vocal projection of a musical theater major, and the glamour of a West Hollywood central casting director.

Because after sex, the oxytocin’s at its highest, so you’re going to feel the most open and vulnerable and honest.

So, Elle and Brandon: are you ready to go into the Sex Box? They are the first victims of Sex Box, a reality television program adapted from the UK original on Channel 4, premiering tomorrow night on We TV. The couples (read: specimens) range from newlyweds to established parents.

Over the course of an hour, two therapists and a pastor provide couples relationship advice before and after the partners have sex in a box on a stage before a live studio audience. All have that "people you’d expect to see on Jerry Springer" swagger, but only Ellen and Brandon have the particularly bad fortune of going first, not grasping what exactly they’ve agreed to.

The hosts are the sort of health experts-cum-wannabe celebrities that have been staking their territory across daytime television for the past decade-plus. The two musicians — together for a year, married for six months — have a relatively straightforward problem.

In Elle’s words: "He has an orgasm, and I don’t." Says Brandon, "I guess I kind of knew it, but it’s never been said out loud." Imagine going to sex therapy with three counselors, and all of them taking your partner's side. You might have empathy for Brandon, who approaches the show with reasonable guard and humor, given the apartment-sized Sex Box looming behind him, and is reprimanded and humiliated for not taking the charade seriously.

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