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search can match requests as basic as a local phone number, street name, city or zipcode.

Addresses for some facilities or agencies is approximate, call for the most current status and verify the accuracy of what you find online.

The directory is updated and maintained but may include imperfections due to new or changing sources, please report any corrections.

Details often include other official sites with similar content but different update times/schedules.

Unlike other searches; the more specific you are in your request, the better your results will be.

There is no need for additional characters: The first word in a query is given more priority, decending to the last word.

Using authority words like county, city or state will filter out irrelevant search results.

By using the information contained on this site you agree to the following terms: (We) make no guarantees of any kind that any information placed on this site (info) is accurate, timely, exhaustive, or reliable.

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Sex offender information was collected from official state sex offender registries in Spring, 2016 (see below for source link).

It may not reflect actual, current or complete data, so users should verify this info with the state or local law enforcement agency responsible for it before use.

Ensure that you have reviewed and understood each state's individual information collection policy before using this info.

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