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OK, so here are some of the quotes selected by me from Tianya. Suddenly I felt that I want to kiss him very much, so I gave a kiss on his neck. At the beginning, I tried to hide and pushed him away. However, my first kiss was lost without any feeling of sweetness.

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There is no doubt that a bad kiss can be a deal-breaker.

It can turn out that all the things which so perfectly fell in place before, all of a sudden fall apart after one kiss. Scientists found that when kissing we act like sensitive chemical labs analyzing for the presence of specific substances in each other’s saliva.

Thus, the incompatibility can exist on physiological level and it has nothing to do with the “kissing technique”.

” I can only imagine that to some people Chinese girls might seem as a sort of aliens who must have a manual for efficient interaction. She further claims that more than 90% of people are able to recall their first kiss in small details.

So, I decided to translate some of the responses and share them here.” (我失去了我的初吻) – in the way that English-speakers would say “I lost my virginity”. Actually, some researchers (like Sheryl Kirshenbaum – author of the book “Science of Kissing”) think that the experience of the first kiss can be much more significant and intense than that of the first sexual relationship.

Anyway, I browsed through one Chinese forum and found the thread in which Chinese girls were discussing their experience of the first kiss.

I personally think that it is not only about the very first kiss in person’s life.

The same importance I’d apply to the first kiss shared between two people who later become a couple.

In my opinion, it is the kiss and not the sex which defines when two become girlfriend and boyfriend. Every time he wanted to kiss me, I would move my head away.

Unless your personal life mainly consists of one-night stands, most efforts in pursuing the girl are invested in the phase leading to the first kiss compared to the later stage leading to sexual intimacy. I planned to let him kiss me on his birthday, but one evening I felt I wanted.

During the latter stage, all that you have to do is not to mess things up – since the girl’s readiness to accept kiss usually signals that she already treats you as her boyfriend. We were sitting on the ground, his body leaning against my leg. Once we went to the Summer Palace […] There I got my first kiss.

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