Christian dating agencies singapore

Pursuit of Excellence We deliver excellent customer service and aim to be the best in everything we do.

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All dating activities are conducted under a safe and secured environment.

We protect and ensure the privacy and security of our customer information.

(Please see our Privacy and data protection policy).

Customer First Our customers are foremost in our minds all the time. Love Express does not guarantee marriage for attending our events and activities.

Concern for Staff We value our staff and care for their well being.

We treat them with respect and dignity and seek to provide them with appropriate training and developement so that they can lead fulfilling careers.

Integrity We conduct our business with integrity, transparency and trustworthiness.

We have organised hundreds of events and our events well received and as Love Express has innovated and developed the below processes:- (1) Profiling of events and selecting of good venues to meet the needs of singles (2) Sizing and gender balancing of the group.

Group size and gender balance is optimised for matching based on the nature and type of event activities.

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