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I shared with her all that she wanted to know, and maybe more than what she asked for, but I’d been where she was and I had compassion. You won’t get invited to the marriage retreat without a husband, and you won’t get asked to stand on Mother’s Day either.

I know what it’s like to be single and go through yet another Mother’s Day where there is no one to call you “Mom,” and no man to call you “Honey.” I know what it’s like to be in the church and totally confused about how to have a real Christian relationship. You don’t hear sermons about dating unless you are 15 and in youth group. Single people in their late 20’s and 30’s have been forgotten in the church. I think they just don’t know where these folks fit, and they don’t understand the struggles.

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In addition, I share all of Rumbi’s questions and my answers.

I wrote this book two years ago, but I’ve held back on releasing it, mainly because it’s so personal.

I mean, you get to read about my messy life, my shallowness, pride, stupidity, as well as the beauty of transformation, the love of God, and the fairytale ending.

I’d hoped that I’d meet my husband and get married in my 20’s, but that didn’t happen. In fact, my sisters will sometimes say, “Remember that guy you went out with? ” Half the time I can’t remember, and I swear they are getting me confused with one of their friends, but deep down I know they are not. I had a lot of “ME” pity parties on the phone with my mom, and many tears after every break-up.

Sisters never forget anything, especially your bad dates! But sometimes you can’t see clearly until the smoke clears and the dust settles.

Looking back on my waiting for a husband, I wouldn’t change anything even though I went through phases of loneliness, disappointment, and feelings of failure. I can honestly say, that what I was looking and hoping for, God was planning on giving to me. During that time of waiting he worked on my heart, encountered me, transformed me, and made me into the wife and mother that I am today.I can honestly say it was never about me finding the right guy, but about me becoming the woman I was created to be, as well as God working on my heart.I think our hearts are the number one thing that God is concerned with when it comes to our personal relationship with him.That’s what I write about in my newest book, Three years ago, I had an excellent student worker, Rumbi Mudzonga, now Rumbi Sizemore.We had so much in common and we talked a lot about boys, dating, waiting, and everything in between. These are all really valid and transparent questions.I found that she was so much like me when I was single. How much do I have to delight myself in the Lord until he gives me the desire of my heart? Unfortunately, you will not get answers from the pulpit.

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