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But then I remembered that, with the economy the way it is and the way the entertainment business is going…() …it got a little bit scary for awhile, y’know, because you start thinking of stuff.But then when I went back to the economy stuff, and I went, “Y’know what? How much do you think the show requires viewers to turn off their minds and accept highly unlikely events?

Christian kane dating whitney duncan

The “Ocean’s Eleven” comparisons that were being thrown around in the beginning were obviously really, really apt. But I think you should still compare it to “Ocean’s Eleven.” You could even compare it to “The A-Team.” It’s like a modern-day “A-Team” to me. T fan in the world, and I’m actually getting to play the B. But, y’know, the thing is that we could just go through and do all of that stuff, but I think we would lose some of the people, because we can read it, but a lot of times what comes in a script doesn’t come through on television.

Do you think the series has found its own identity yet, or is it still finding it? You know, Dean will tell you that a lot of that stuff is based on that kind of a show, that we wanted to bring the retro back and still run very, very fast-forward into the world of technology, which is hard to do. John Rogers and the writing team have been very smart to do what we call “pipe,” which lets the viewer know what’s going on. Setting aside the finale, what’s been your favorite episode of the season?

If we had just shown up and said, “Here’s an account number,” not everyone would’ve gotten it. So it’s good to see all of the steps happening, and it’s fun to sit back and not have to…well, you still have to work your brain, because it’s a smart show and it’s created by some very intelligent people, but at the same time, you can sit back and relax at the end of a long day with a beer and invite us into your home. I liked “The Bank Shot Job.” I liked the one where we were in a bank; I loved the fight scene in that. Oh, God, there’ve been so many, it’s really hard to choose from them.

Tonight brings the first of the two parts of the first-season finale of TNT’s “Leverage.” We’ve commented on the show in the past here on Premium Hollywood, but after a slight false start in the early days of the series, it’s become an enjoyable blend of action, drama, and comedy that allows the viewer to escape into a world where the guy actually gets to win once in awhile.

We had a chance to talk to Christian Kane, who plays the rough-and-tumble Eliot Spencer on the show, and quizzed him about how the show’s gone for him.

(We also snuck in a quick “Angel” question and checked on the status of his music career, too.) 1.

If you can approach “Leverage” as a viewer rather than a fan for a second, are you surprised that “Leverage” was able to find an audience?

Because a lot of series are in, out, and done in just a couple of episodes, but you guys found an audience quickly. Y’know, it’s always surprising to me what works and what doesn’t work.

I mean, I can’t believe that some of the stuff that’s on right now is on, and I can’t believe that “Arrested Development” ever went off the air.

() But it wasn’t surprising to know the track record of the people behind it.

I mean, it was Tim (Hutton)’s first series (since “Kidnapped”), and I felt comfortable with that, but also John Rogers is an unbelievable writer, and Dean Devlin has had unbelievable success in the entertainment world, so we came in with a couple of big guns pulled out, unlike maybe some of the other people. And then I started watching, and I got more confident.

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