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And you don’t have to take my word for it: open up the Activity Monitor on your Mac, then head to the “Energy” section.Open some tabs in Chrome and the same ones in another browser – Chrome will almost always use more energy for the same job.

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Partially this is because of inefficiency, and partially its because Chrome’s priority is speed.

Either way, I’ve personally heard way more of my fan while using Chrome than while not. , but it’s worth stating again: Chrome OS is the worst thing that ever happened to Chrome on other platforms. Apple introduced a system-wide notifications system with Mountain Lion Tweak the notification center in Mountain Lion to be somewhat useful, by adding notifications from the programs you care about to it.

Don’t get me wrong, Chrome OS is a great operating system, but the volume of stuff Chrome takes along with it to other platforms makes it a worse browser on the Mac. With a few tweaks you can add every Growl program to the notifications..., way back in 2012.

Chrome is, for many people, the first thing installed on a new Mac Book.

It makes sense: in its early days Chrome gained a reputation for being lightweight and fast. In fact, I’d argue that you shouldn’t use Chrome on a Mac Book if you can avoid it.

It was better than Safari and Firefox, people said. Over the years Chrome became a bloated program that doesn’t integrate well with OS X, and it happened so slowly most Chrome users haven’t noticed.

Here are ten reasons every Mac-loving Chrome user should consider switching.

Battery life has been a huge feature for Apple in recent releases of OS X.

Mavericks brought energy impact measuring tools to the operating system It’s been said a thousand times, but it’s worth saying again: if battery life is important to you, avoid using Chrome.

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