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To me, using the internet as a medium to establish romatic relationships always made all the sense in the world, mainly because it saves you so much time from going out to bars, getting drunk and being bothered with hangovers.

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I'm intelligent, funny, travel the world and have a lot of things going on professionally - but I somehow was not really able to leverage my success online.

Either I would get no response from the women I was interested in or I'd find myself chatting to women whom I was indifferent about.

So using the Internet as a way to find the woman of my dreams turned out to be super time consuming and a waste of time after all. The other dating sites Being a busy guy in a privileged financial situation, I also knew that I would not mind paying a premium price for a website that could actually do the job - connect me with the kind of women I was looking for quickly, at the click of a button.

This is when the Secret Diamond Club concept came to life.

I started doing some more in depth research on all the dating sites out there and found that you could roughly divide them into two categories: normal or "typical" dating sites and a handful of dating sites which were more or less obviously facilitating prostitution typically sweetened by terms such as "mutually beneficial arrangement" or "sugar-dating".

These sites were the best option for "leveraging" your success (by paying the girls!

) which, to put it diplomatically, was not exactly what I was looking for – I wanted the real thing.

Making it real Then I started asking guys in my network, mainly successful entrepreneurs whether they had had the same experiences.

The feedback I got was more or less identical to my own experiences and that's when I knew Secret Diamond Club needed to happen.

So the question was: How could I create a dating site for men whose limited resource was time rather than money?

Secret Diamond Club is for women who have a genuine fascination for successful men, who are stimulated by a man's intellect and admires his relentless drive and dedication to achieve his goals in life.

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